Artist Portrait, Cindy

The Artist

The World Rocks! is owned by Cindy Verheul. She creates funky, unique jewelry from gems, semi-precious stones, beads, metal clay, polymer clay and tribal silver found while exploring the world. She has been fascinated by stones and gems since childhood but it really started in earnest with a visit to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey.
The stones in the Afghani shops attracted her first and the stories of how the Afghanis made it to Turkey (they walked!) sealed her fate.
She now sees these stories in stones and beads from all over the world; Nepal, Tibet, Oman, Yemen, Venice…Her beautiful stones come from hard work and harsh places. “I can see how hard these people work to make a life for themselves and their families. I can’t help but support them by buying their beautiful wares and I love the sight and feel of the stones.”
In addition to the “Rocks!”, Cindy has earned the distinction of Art Clay Instructor. Art Clay is a brand of Metal Clay which has an instructor accreditation program. What is Art Clay? You won’t believe it. Art Clay is a type of modeling clay made up of pure silver, recycled from old film and x-rays, and a binding agent. Any shape imaginable can be formed. It is then kiln fired, the binder burned off and the finished product is .999 silver! This is a higher silver content than sterling. It feels like magic and it Rocks!

After living, creating and learning in Canberra for the last few years, Cindy recently completed the Contemporary Clay Instructor Level 1 Artisan course through Metal Clay Australia!
We're pretty excited about that.

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